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The International Institute for Health Care Professionals Direct Entry Midwifery Program will develop and facilitate skills necessary to provide competent, compassionate, and client-centered care through integration, use and dissemination of the Midwives Model of Care.

The Midwifery Program faculty and staff supports the purpose and mission of the International Institute for Health Care Professionals. We believe the Midwifery Program philosophy and educational outcomes are congruent with the mission of the College.


The Midwives Model of Care is the central point for all academic and clinical training for the Midwifery student at IIHCP. It is the desire of the program faculty to continue to develop a midwifery program whose graduates and faculty enjoy a reputation for excellence.  As such, it is IIHCP’s intention to adhere to these founding and current philosophies and documents in training the next generation of midwives.

The International Institute for Healthcare Professionals meets all requirements of a post-secondary institute, and is degree-granting, offering an Associate of Science in Midwifery. The IIHCP Midwifery Program provides excellence in health career education. The Institute supports and challenges students to increase their health care knowledge and skills.

To develop this foundation of appropriate skills and knowledge, the Midwifery Program:

  • includes a curriculum that offers the necessary theory and skill development to enable qualified students to sit their national boards and meet the licensing requirements of the State of Florida
  • employs motivated faculty to instruct, demonstrate and evaluate skills in a large simulation lab
  • employs midwives with decades of knowledge in the field as instructors for a foundational midwifery education
  • places students in birth centers and homebirth practices where they gain critical hands-on skills
  • supports multiple pathways to the midwifery profession


IIHCP’s preliminary application for accreditation by MEAC was accepted on July 26, 2022. The accreditation process generally takes two years or more from this date to complete successfully. If we are approved, only students enrolled at the time accreditation is approved and those enrolling after that date will be considered to have graduated from an MEAC-accredited program. Accreditation is not retroactive. For further information, contact MEAC at 360-466-2080, info@meacschools.org or through their website www.meacschools.org.

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